For all of you fans of the show The Office, do you know the wide-eyed look Jim Halpert gives the camera after Micheal Scott says or does something? My husband and I give each other that look all the time. We never know what could happen at any given moment and when it does happen, there’s only two ways to handle it…1)crying and having a tantrum or 2)The Office look and under your breath laughter with your spouse. Although I’ve definitely been known to pick option #1, my goal is to aim for option #2 as often as possible!

I am the mom of 4 kids (a set of biological twins and 2 younger children through adoption). I am a preschool teacher. I am the mom of two of the most adorable dogs in the world. I am the owner of a 100 year old house that I like to call “the money pit”. I love anything to do with organization and saving money in unique ways. I am a lover of travel and come up with random trip ideas on a whim.

All of this adds up to lots of variables that could really sway each day in either direction. My goal with these writings is to share all the knowledge I’ve gained because of (not in spite of) this unpredictable life.